Ashima Research: Planetary Climate and Weather

Ashima Research is primarily focused on understanding the dynamic behavior of planetary atmospheres and climate systems. Active research focuses on Mars, Venus, the Gas Giant atmospheres and Saturn’s moon Titan. We use three main approaches to examine these systems: Analysis of spacecraft data; Development of computational models designed to simulate planetary atmospheres and climate systems; Design and development new spacecraft instruments. We are located in Pasadena, CA.

Model and Data Access Web Sites that Ashima Research Operates:

PlanetWRF Model Page
Updated with latest public planetWRF version late Oct 2013.

Mars Climate Center Data Assimilation and Processed Data Page

data analysis, modeling, and instrument development

Top: Image of Mars constructed from Mars Orbiter Camera Wide Angle images. The images are used to track the development of dust storms and water ice clouds. Lower left: General Circulation Model simulations of a frontal dust storm on Mars. Lower right: A proposed boundary layer instrument for a Mars rover or lander. Work on all three areas (data analysis, modeling, and instrument developed) is done in the group.